Can we talk about relationships here for a minute? More specifically how to develop them in the context of business.

So picture this. You get an invite to connect on a social media platform…oh let’s pick LinkedIn for this scenario. You check out the person and you like their vibe so you accept. Shortly thereafter, you get a message from them and you’re thinking “Wow! Look at them adding the personal touch."

You open it in anticipation and as your eyeballs start scanning the contents of said message, you realize it’s “one of those” messages…mwah-mwah-mwah. You know the one where they introduce themselves, tell you what they do, who they help and to check out their X. Not one question or inquiry to find out an iota about you. Really?!

You delete it and go about your business. A month later you see that you’ve received an email from the "let me tell you all about me" person.

You're thinking that since they've taken the time to do some investigating in order to get your email, surely this message will be more conversational. (or am I the only one?)

You immediately notice that they've blind carbon copied this message to goodness knows how many other people. And for three paragraphs, go on to tell you all about them. Check them out here, connect with them there and to read/watch their latest greatest X right here.

The initial reaction might be one of annoyance but after a little bit of time (and some chocolate), you’re now able to respond with minimal snarkiness and perhaps your feedback would be something similar to this…

  • If you’re going to take the time to send someone a message when you/they accept the request to connect (which I HIGHLY recommend you do), be social. Introduce yourself, share why you’ve connected (make it about them), and then ask them ask a question or two to get to know them better.
  • Once you’ve established rapport, if you prefer corresponding via email, ask for permission.
  • Personalize your email. Make sure that what you’re sharing is applicable to them.

Hugs & high fives,

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