Hey Friend!  I'm happy that you've landed here.  

In order to keep the Grit Club as high vibe and positive as possible, we have created some group rules to preserve the quality of the posts and value shared inside.

The club is where people come to build grit.   Because without grit, you're going to keep being a slave to every thought you think and that's what's been holding you back from getting what you want. 

Having grit means that you’re getting up and getting in there to do your best – even on your worst days….especially then.

What you say to yourself when you’re faced with challenges and obstacles, that’s what’s going to determine whether you succeed or not. 

It’s when you start managing your mind, your motivation and your follow through, that's when you're going to see magic.

It's by putting yourself in the arena.  Every.  Damn.  Time.  

What do you want your life/business/health/finances to look like.  

This is about not allowing the stories you tell yourself to get in the way of getting what you want. 

It’s about tapping into your power, the power of the Universe and using strategies to get you to have the business you want to have, make the money you want to make, and support the causes you want to support.  

Grit Club is the place to share your ideas, and your expertise as it applies to business and life.   To inspire, motivate and support others.  

*Ask questions 

*Ask for support, 

*Ask for guidance 

*Ask for what you need. 

As with anything in life, you’ll get out of it whatever you’re willing to put into it.  

How do you want to feel?  Supported, heard, understood, appreciated, loved?  Set the intention and embody it.  

Connect & cultivate relationships.  Expand.  Take chances.  Grow.  Give.  Receive.  Be open.  Be you.  

This space is here to help you see what you’re truly capable of.  

Here’s to your goals, your dreams and your desires.

Please note by requesting to join the group and being approved into the group, you automatically agree to the rules below.

1. BE KIND, AND UP-LIFTING. No bullying, bashing, attacking, or rudeness will be tolerated in this space. If you have nothing nice to say to another member, please just remove yourself from the group.

2.  BE OPEN.  If you don’t agree with something someone has said, let it be an opportunity to learn and discuss.  Be open minded and speak your truth in a healthy and engaging manner.  

 3. Please SHARE VALUE that you have to give. If you have tips, tricks, and awesome stories about mindset, business, law of attraction, spirituality, motivation & inspiration, we want to hear all about it.

4. BE HELPFUL. If you have an answer to someones question or a solution to help a member out, please offer it. That's what this group is all about! Supporting one another!

5. HAVE FUN. Treat it like a coffee shop where you’re meeting with friends.  Use it to your advantage! Ask questions, share your experiences, let us know what goals you’re going after, provide your best tips, and feel free to share inspirational articles, videos, blogs, and images that do NOT redirect to your website or offerings.

 6. Friend requests, follow for follow, or page liking threads are forbidden. 

7. No Soliciting.  If you build relationships through sharing, and be supportive, people will reach out to you organically.

If you have agreed to the rules of the group, we would LOVE to welcome you inside Grit Club. Please send us a request and we will approve you soon!