I used to be the queen of secrets, strategies, blueprints, cheatsheets, programs, courses...who jumped on every freebie from everyone who claimed that could help me be JUST LIKE THEM!

But I was a broke queen who drank too much coffee.

Slept too little.

And heard crickets when she put out an offer to her “loyal” fans.

So I decided to ditch the crown and stop the madness.

And sat down with a pen and paper (amazing how that small thing creates such big things)
This is what I realized:

There really are only 3 steps to building a profitable business and I was doing them all in the wrong order and at times, I was even trying to do them all at once.





And crickets

After I understood the 3 steps, I went to work on implementing them in the right order.

Within 90 days, I added 2739 people to my email list, and I went from barely being able to pay my bills each month, to making a little over $5,000 right off the bat (and that has continued to grow to the tune of 5 figures each month).

I have a team now and I don’t run around like a headless chicken.

I have a business based on a simple and solid system.

I am not a queen any more (neither am I broke) but I sure as hell know how to work this entrepreneur thing.

So here’s my advice to you:

Get off the never-ending cycle of secrets, strategies, blueprints, cheatsheets, programs, courses.

Get a pen & paper and take stock

Of your business

Your strengths

Your blindspots

And build a business based on that.

Oh and...

Hit me up if you need any help with doing that.

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