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I was hesitant to hire a coach because of the time and financial commitment involved but the results and changes in my business were worth it.

I got clear, and created my money funnel, I added almost 400 subscribers on my list in one month! I learned how to market, and put a product offer out and got my first paying clients!

I really liked the individualized calls, the great ideas, that Demi helped me write my marketing copy which got me new leads and turned into clients and the accountability.

The benefits I received from Demi’s coaching are that I accomplished my goals faster, getting feedback from her helped me get better, and I got to learn strategies and shortcuts that would have taken me years to learn myself. I would absolutely recommend Demi.  I wouldn’t be where I am today without her.

A lot of our work was about finding my ideal way to communicate my message. I found it.

I closed six figures in sales within 3 months.

What I liked best about your coaching was the very specific goals. The ability to send my materials to be reviewed by you. The ‘pressure’ to continually get out there and do public work and be seen. Refining my message, the transformation, my vision which had a pivotal role in transitioning from Sound of Prana to The Spiritual Voice.

Now I am more confident writing my emails, sharing tools and then jumping to stories. I went out of my comfort zone and launched my summit which led to my debut podcasting career.  I’m more confident in making headlines and taglines and describing benefits for the work that I do.

I would recommend Demi to anyone wanting to illuminate the marketing world and get a grasp on a lot of the necessary concepts. I also feel that someone who isn’t clear about their message will be able to refine it through working with her.

Pol Cousineau Spiritual Teacher
Kathya SiewrarttanReal Estate Agent 

I liked that I was self-employed but still had someone keeping me accountable, and teaching me different skills and tactics to be successful. I also loved the fact that it was one-on-one so sessions were tailored to the things I needed to do verses being in a group setting and just going over general aspects of business owning.  

Demi’s coaching has really given me a great idea of my strengths and weaknesses, as well as what to do to strengthen my weaknesses. I have gotten to know myself really well.  Coaching has gotten me through some major hurdles in my business, and my life. I am not sure where I would be if I didn’t have the support of coaching when I did. I would definitely recommend her. I think it is something that is absolutely necessary for anyone, no matter what you do or how well. There is always an opportunity for improvement.

Demi spends so much time updating her skills, and then because of that has the ability to identify areas in your business practice that can be altered to exceed.  She has a different variation of tools and methodologies that I have personally implemented that have been an absolute success. Demi has also motivated me to come out of my comfort zone, and showed me I have capabilities I didn’t even know I had.

When I get to another phase in my business – I would definitely want to work with Demi again. She is an amazing positive spunk of energy, that brightens up your day. She helps get you to the point you want to be at. I am so thankful that she was introduced to me.

I know what I wanted and needed assistance to get to the next level. So that opened my mind to a business coach. It is an investment and we all want to see ROI on our investments.

Through my coaching I had the opportunity to meet potential clients and I was able to get hired for an event.

What I liked about the coaching sessions was Demi was all about making sure that your business was going to grow.  I would highly recommended Demi for coaching and I have.

Demi is so supportive and helpful. Her knowledge and sharing her templates with me has helped me in re-thinking my approach regarding possible clients.  She is working and constantly thinking about her clients and how she can take them to the next level. She is very understanding and compassionate. Demi goes the extra mile. She will answer text messages, e-mails, Facebook messages between all of your sessions. She even went so far to work with my assistant Marisa when we needed some articles read and to get her opinion.

Donna Smith Event Planner
Arti SharmaInternet Marketer

My calendaring has become better and I was able to implement your strategies to acquire 4 -5 new clients easily and they are on a recurring basis so I am still working with them. This helped me structure my follow up process with potential clients.

Support and accountability and follow up from you kept me going even when the going was tough. I feel more focused and even though I sometimes struggle with time management, I come back to actions that are more productive because of the strategic planning tips you shared.Put yourself on a fast track with Demi. You’ll stay focused, and build systems that save you resources. Her approach is simple and easy to follow.

Sometimes in our quest to make it super cool, we make our goal setting complex and that doesn’t serve us and lead us to our goal. So I like the simplified way she hit on points and reined me in.

I had some hesitations about coaching before I decided to work with Demi. I was unsure whether it would be tailored enough to my work. As part of the process working with Demi, I set a goal to add 1 new client per month. That has happened consistently since then.

I like that Demi’s direct and I like her assertiveness. It is nice to be pushed, and not being allowed to make excuses.I have a plan that is measurable and easy for me to follow. Not to mention getting to know Demi better. She is someone you want on your side!!  

I would absolutely recommend Demi to anyone who wants a push, to get answers, to get you over a plateau, or a plan to succeed.  I want to stress the integrity that Demi has. She focuses on you. Every time we met, she had something clipped or an idea she had. You could tell that she was always thinking of ways to help you improve. Demi is brilliant at networking – always thinking of people in her circle to connect together that they may benefit from the introduction, and are well suited.

Paul Stokes Financial Planner
Kristen OwensHolistic Nutritionist

I am a big believer in coaching. All successful people have a coach.

I have noticed more momentum, an increase in my profits, a lot more focus, systems to make it easier and a stronger belief in myself.

What I liked best about it was the support and guidance daily, the accountability, and it she gave me systems that worked.

If you want to succeed, if you want systems, and if you want to move to the next level, then hire Demi. She’s awesome! I would recommend her (and I have). She is compassionate, firm, loving and a friend.

Before I met Demi, I had never heard of a business coach. The coaching sessions were amazing, sometimes very humorous and with a lot of light-bulb moments. It opened my eyes to a lot of things around me; my business, my relationships with my family, friends and people in general. She made me feel very relaxed, and she helped me face my obstacles and demons head-on.

The experience has left me a lot more confident in myself. I now know that I am in control of my own life. I will be forever grateful for everything I have learned from Demi.

Dan Shorey Business Owner
Deb HatanakaHealth Sciences Consultant

Demi has been instrumental in helping me create a path to success for my small business. By helping me pin-point what is important and organize my goals in a strategic way, I have the groundwork in place to grow my business and attain the financial success I desire. She is one of those rare people who truly cares and will go the extra mile to help you succeed in any way she can.

I was worried that I couldn’t keep up with the extra work but I felt I was supported in my business and you understood what it was like to be self-employed!

I’m more organized in my business activities and I understand what my priorities are and I do them. Also, I’m doing more business activities that I was hesitant to do in the past. I’ve seen a 20% increase in my business already.

I’d recommend coaching with Demi!

Nella Eramo Image Consultant
Christine JanesProfessional Organizer

I have started the year strong with a steady stream of new clients.  I’ve liked having someone to share with, someone to encourage me, learning from Demi’s experience and getting her advice. Because of all that, I’m a lot more confident and willing to take on new challenges and projects such as having an online presence. 

Thanks to Demi’s support I am willing to engage with the public and there are things I want to try that I would not have considered before.I’m excited about my business again.

I think it’s important for solo-preneurs to have someone to share with. It is difficult to figure everything out on your own; being solo makes it too easy to give up. Having a coach helps to motivate us and makes us accountable.I have received advice, ideas and resources that have been helpful.

Demi’s sincerity, positivity, and generosity are refreshing.   She has definitely found her calling.

I wasn’t totally sure how it would benefit my business as I have worked with coaches in the past and didn’t know if Demi would be different. But as a result of working with her, I have been able to better define my “best” client which has allowed me to attract more of the people I enjoy working with and have seen 100% increase in referrals.

The best part was the support, the creativity of the ideas and working with me through the steps.  I have become clearer on my ideal client, I have developed and implemented specific strategies that are benefiting me over the longer term.  And I have developed marketing strategies to implement over the long term

It’s always good to review your business from a different perspective as it allows for growth and development – both personally and business-wise.

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