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Saying Yes When I Wanted To Say No

Several years ago I learned that one of my favourite authors was facilitating a workshop and even though it had a bit of a hefty price tag attached to it, I made the decision to go. On the ticket it clearly stated that doors would close once the seminar began. So essentially if you’re late…tough luck.

Fast forward to the day of the event. the workshop was to begin at 6pm sharp. At 5:30 I realized I had done something I’d NEVER done before…I had left the house without giving my diabetic dog her insulin injection.


It would take me at least 45 minutes to get home and then another 45 minutes to get back.

I left the event and the thought of having to go back to ‘try’ and get in did not appeal to me at all. I had pretty much convinced myself that it would be okay if I missed it.

But thankfully on my way home, a friend called and reminded me why I should go back. And go back I did.

Now this might not seem like a big deal for most people but as a shy introvert, the thought of having to walk into a room where there would be hundreds of people was unnerving. I think I conjured up every worst case scenario as I raised my hand to knock on the door. The door opened and I felt hundreds of eyes turn in my direction including the speakers’. With flushed cheeks, I apologized and made a beeline to the first available chair.

And you know what? Those few moments of discomfort were SO worth it because it was an evening that changed my life. I ended up leaving an unhealthy relationship, I quit smoking, I started a side hustle, and as a bonus, I ended up become close friends (read: we dated & I may kiss and tell in another blog) with the author and that friendship continues to impact my life in beautiful ways.

We are constantly given choices and have decisions to make in our business (and our life) and it can be so easy to over think whether you should or shouldn’t go/do/be…

Is there something you want to attend? To purchase? Someone you want to work with? Reach out to?

See how you can make it happen and maybe it’s not right now but either way, say yes to you and watch magical things begin to happen.


Three Things That Up-Levelled My Business & My Mojo (and not necessarily in that order)

At the beginning of the year I had; a full client roster (I was fully booked until 2017), speaking engagements every month, and a healthy affiliate commission cheque coming in each month.

By April, I knew something was off.  I began to feel disenchanted with my business. I had been so focused on growing it, that I lost track of what I was growing.

I took some time off to reconnect with what I wanted and why I wanted it.  It was then I was able to get clear on how I wanted to do it.   

I looked at every aspect of my business and if I didn’t love it or if I couldn’t figure out a way to enjoy it, or delegate it, it got tossed.  This meant saying good-bye to over $20,000/month in revenue. 

BUT and it’s a big but (hence the caps)…I’ve almost doubled that since then. 

These were the three things that changed my business and my mojo…

#1.  I created boundaries, and I've stuck to them (90% of the time..I'm still learning). 

This has always been a struggle of mine and because of it, I'd feel drained, and resentful because people would feed off my time and energy. 

Create boundaries and be able to articulate them.  Know that you'll be tested and you'll probably trip up.  Instead of berating yourself over allowing it to happen again, acknowledge your efforts and keep at it.

#2.  I'm almost always being me (90% of the time...I'm still learning).

Don’t buy into anything that will make you look and sound like everyone else.  Find your voice and your message and then seize every opportunity to have it heard. 

Because when you’re being you, you’ll always stay in integrity. 

No fluff.  No contrived and sneaky tactics.  No regurgitated information. 

#3.  I stopped giving myself a back door.

All too often at the first feeling of resistance, we tend to stop.  Resistance shows up in many ways but some of the more common ones are; procrastination, busyness, and unexpected X’s happening that throw us off our game.    

I've FORCED myself to stick to whatever goal/decision I've made until I see it to completion.  It hasn't been easy but it's been getting easier as I strengthen this muscle.   There’s a fine line here because I’m a believer in law of attraction and doing things that feel good, but I’m also a believer in building grit. 

So I decided to marry the two and that alone created MAJOR changes in my business.  I’ll give you the details and numbers in a future blog where I’ll share the break down of it all. 

Does any of this resonate with you?

Pardon My Potty Mouth

It wasn't too long ago that I found myself in a VERY uncomfortable situation. I would have loved to place the blame on someone, or something else, but truth be told, I chose it.
That's right.  Me.  I chose to swim so far out into the unknown, that when I looked over my shoulder, I couldn't even see the shoreline of my comfort zone.  As soon as I was in motion, I immediately thought "What have I done?"

Can you relate?

You know that holy crap moment when you've stepped out of your comfort zone and you feel like the butterflies are having a party in your belly? (who seem to be equipped with an endless supply of tequila!)

You put your super hero cape on and push past the digestive revolution that's going on.

But then comes the loud and incessant chatter of your ego. The further you get from your comfort zone, the louder it gets. The gist of the message is that you're going to fuck it up and that you need to stop NOW.  Your ego..who sounds a lot like you, (it's a tricky little bugger) seemingly appears to make valid points.

"I don't know enough."
"They're going to laugh at me."
"What if I can't deliver what I promised?"
"What if I do it and my life changes as I know it and then I won't have time for any fun?"
"I'm not ready yet. I just have to (insert reason) first"

You pause for a moment or two (or more).

You decide to go for it.  And you know what?  You've changed a little piece of yourself forever!

You've just thumbed your nose at complacency. You've moved from the backseat to the drivers seat. You've stopped staring out the window where you've watched other people make shit happen and YOU have now just become one of those 'make-shit-happen' kinda people!

Whether you fall on your butt, knock it out of the park or land somewhere in between, you'll be making progress.

So before you convince yourself why you shouldn't/can't, take the first whatever 'it' is that will move you forward.

Regardless of where you land, I'll have the champagne chilled for you.

Here's to getting in the arena!