What Catching Two Cats Taught Me About Business

Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm passionate about helping animals…helping all life forms actually.So it should come as no surprise that I decided to do something to help the stray cats in my area.

The plan was to catch, spay/neuter and release the feral cats and re-home the ones that were strays.I bought a humane trap, loaded it up with towels and food, and placed it on my porch. It worked! Some were hungry enough to go into it quite readily but there were two that needed a bit more work.

The two in the picture were the ones that required more work.  

It took weeks of consistently feeding them to lower their guard enough to have them come into my home on their own.  I would open the basement window and place the food just outside.

Stray cats
I created a routine. They knew to go to the window to be fed each morning and each afternoon. Eventually, I propped the window open and put the food just inside the window. More time passed and I lured them into the basement (it's not as creepy as it sounds) where they'd carefully watch me while they ate.  But before long, they weren't as watchful of me.
One cold winter day, I went downstairs and saw their faces peering at me through the window. I placed the dishes on the floor, opened the basement window and "nonchalantly" went upstairs.

With slippered feet, I tip toed through the snow, peeked around the corner and saw them disappear inside. I ran, closed the window and stood there grinning from ear to ear. They were now out of the cold. I didn’t know what the next move was, but I knew that I'd figure it out.

So what does my crazy-cat-lady ways have anything to do with business?

If I had put this much effort and determination into my business from the beginning, I would be SOOOOO much further ahead.

I accomplished my goal because I had put 100% of my focus on the task at hand and I never once doubted that I wasn't going to be able to do it. I had made the decision and that was that.

I had created a plan, and then I went about it with the focus and determination of a ninja. I never once thought that I wouldn’t be able to catch the cats…it was just a matter of when.   And even when I hit a hiccup, it didn’t deter me from my objective. I focused on the step I needed to in that moment and trusted that I’d figure out the rest after.

It turns out having a "why" really does make a difference and your why has to be aligned with a core belief you have. If you'd like to find out what happened to the two cats, read on...

I managed to catch the grey cat and took him in to be neutered After the surgery, he came home with me to recover and when he was ready to be released (he's feral), I opened the door for him and he chose to stay.

It turned out the white cat was pregnant. She had her kittens and once she had finished weaning them, I took her in to get spayed. She too decided to stay.

I named them Momma & Poppa cat. Momma wanted little to do with the kittens. She'd feed them but that was the extent of her mothering skills. It was Poppa who stayed with them and cleaned them. If they meowed, he'd carefully inspect each one. The only time he'd leave would be to eat or use the litter.

Stray cats
To this day, I still can't touch Poppa but Momma likes to be pet..on her terms of course.

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