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Pardon My Potty Mouth

It wasn't too long ago that I found myself in a VERY uncomfortable situation. I would have loved to place the blame on someone, or something else, but truth be told, I chose it.
That's right.  Me.  I chose to swim so far out into the unknown, that when I looked over my shoulder, I couldn't even see the shoreline of my comfort zone.  As soon as I was in motion, I immediately thought "What have I done?"

Can you relate?

You know that holy crap moment when you've stepped out of your comfort zone and you feel like the butterflies are having a party in your belly? (who seem to be equipped with an endless supply of tequila!)

You put your super hero cape on and push past the digestive revolution that's going on.

But then comes the loud and incessant chatter of your ego. The further you get from your comfort zone, the louder it gets. The gist of the message is that you're going to fuck it up and that you need to stop NOW.  Your ego..who sounds a lot like you, (it's a tricky little bugger) seemingly appears to make valid points.

"I don't know enough."
"They're going to laugh at me."
"What if I can't deliver what I promised?"
"What if I do it and my life changes as I know it and then I won't have time for any fun?"
"I'm not ready yet. I just have to (insert reason) first"

You pause for a moment or two (or more).

You decide to go for it.  And you know what?  You've changed a little piece of yourself forever!

You've just thumbed your nose at complacency. You've moved from the backseat to the drivers seat. You've stopped staring out the window where you've watched other people make shit happen and YOU have now just become one of those 'make-shit-happen' kinda people!

Whether you fall on your butt, knock it out of the park or land somewhere in between, you'll be making progress.

So before you convince yourself why you shouldn't/can't, take the first whatever 'it' is that will move you forward.

Regardless of where you land, I'll have the champagne chilled for you.

Here's to getting in the arena!