5 Steps to A Build A Profitable Business

We both know that there are no secrets and there are no perfect formulas when it comes to marketing.  

So before we invest in a(nother) product/program/course, let's promise each other that we'll be more discerning with where we invest our time and money.

The best way to do that is by knowing where the hole is in your marketing strategy and then choosing someone and/or something that can help cut the learning curve. Now there might not be secrets and perfect formulas, there are steps that when done in the right order, will have you making money in quick order.

The following are the steps to build your business...in order of importance. Although steps 3 and 4 can be interchangeable.

Step #1 Have a viable product/service. (Most entrepreneurs have this in place)

Step #2. Know how to speak/write to your audience so that you can convey that you understand their situation (the more intimately, the better) and then be able to write/speak about how your X will solve it for them.

Step #3. Focus on building your community.
Step #4. Invite them to take care of their problem/frustration and/or get their desired outcome (selling) The best way to do it is by building a relationship with them. Talk to them like people instead of prospects.

Step #5. Continue to cultivate your relationship with your community. And again, always remember there's a human being on the other end of your correspondence.

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