4 Steps to More Money 

These are the steps I've taken to get from a place of overwhelm, worry and struggle to one of feeling empowered, and energetic...which ALWAYS has resulted in money coming to me. 

Step #1

Set an intention. Get clear on what you want.
If it's paying clients, state how many.
If it's money, how much?
If it's an opportunity, describe it.

Whatever you choose, make sure that it excites you.
And I want you to write it down...pen to paper 🙂  

I like to use cue cards and have one on my bathroom mirror, one on my desk, one by my bed and one in my car.  

Step #2

Map out a morning routine/ritual to set you up for success.
I find my routine to be very grounding and it really helps kick up my energy levels and my focus.
Do whatever feels good to you.
This is what mine looks like:

Clean (I work better when I have a clean and tidy house)
Meditate (7 minutes)
Stretch/Yoga (5-7 minutes)
Workout (15 minutes)
EFT (5-7 minutes)
Journal (5-10 minutes) <—Danielle LaPorte’s
Affirmations (2 minutes)
Mindset work (10-15 minutes)

Step #3 (it's a two-parter)

3a: Make a list of all the steps that are needed to get you to your end goal.
3b: Set up your schedule so that you do the work.   
If you'd like to see what mine looks like and grab your template, you can access them from the Resource Library.

For instance, my business goal for this month is to have 10 interviews completed. Which means I have to set time aside to:
Research and find people
Reach out to them and I’m guesstimating that it’ll take 30 people in order to get 10.
Prepare for the each interview
Write the content for my website for each interview
Write the content for social media for each interview

My personal goal is to get my heart rate to be at 60 bpm. I love swimming so I looked into the swimming schedule at the local centre here and I now can plug my swimming time into it.

I know that I need to have a lot of time to putter so that I don’t get overwhelmed. During those times, I can do whatever I feel like doing. Whether it’s client work, reading, hanging with friends or family, watching a movie etc. 

That being said, the work that I’ve designated during the day, those don’t get bumped. I honour those time slots and focus solely on that work.

Step #4

Get your money in order.  
I do several things when it comes to seeing my money goal come to fruition. 

a) I check my credit score every 3 months.  I use Borrowell because it's free 🙂 

b) I go through all the things I use on daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis to see if there's a way that I can save money.  For instance, I didn't like paying bank fees so I switched to Tangerine.  (*just put this Orange Key Number in when you open a savings account from the comfort of your home and you get a $50 bonus.  18701462S1  You'll be $50 richer!)

c) Clear/organize. I go through my desk, my closet, my car, and my purse. Note: Any items that I come across and think I "might" use it one day, gets donated or tossed. I keep only the things that I'm using and that I enjoy.

d) Daily evidence. I keep a log on any and all evidence of money, gifts, signs, symbols or anything that stands out. For instance, the other day I saw a Mercedes McLaren which is a dream car for me. I wrote it down. 

e) Make a list of any and every way you could generate money. Do you have something in your house/garage/basement/storage that you could sell?
You can sign up to fill out surveys and get paid. You could put a task up on Ask for Task.   A service on Upwork or Fiverr.  Transcribe on Rev. Don't censor anything at this stage. 

Once you have your list, choose one thing that excites you and/or that you don't feel any resistance toward. When I first did this, I had an old set of golf clubs and I posted them on Kijiji, and sold them that day.

f) Read Tapping Into Wealth by Margaret Lynch.  This is where my daily EFT (emotional freedom technique) practice came from because it's easy to address your specific money blocks. 

g) If you had to make $100 today, what would you do? 

Hugs & high fives,

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