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Lost in the sea of sameness? No problem! Here are 3 genius methods to stand out so that you’re not just another [fill in the blank of what you do].  

We’re all trying to get noticed so that we can build our audience of adoring fans and raving clients and the word visibility is thrown around a lot (I should know because I was one of the people throwing it around) but what is happening is that everyone (or at least it seems like everyone) is doing the same thing to be visible which all of a sudden doesn’t make you so visible anymore.

So how do you stand out?

1. Put YOU into what you do. I’m not talking about your personality. Because if we’re going to be honest here, watching people acting goofy, dancing, or wearing a ridiculous outfit “trying” to be themselves, may garner a laugh or two but it doesn’t cultivate connection.

Same goes for the “vulnerable” posts that seem more contrived than vulnerable. People are becoming better bullshit detectors.

Instead, be human.

It’s the shared human experience that bonds us and makes your audience feel like they’re not alone in their mess.

Bring out the commonalities that we as humans experience when we’ve; gone after our goal, gotten the bad news, went from high to low and back to high, when we’ve had to clean up the mess…regardless of what it is, the key is to let them see their thoughts in yours.

Share the facts but more importantly, share the experience.

2. Know what your opinion/stance/point of view is around what you do, why you do it and why the people that you help are in the situation that they’re in. Turn over every rock and find out what you think and feel about each point of the journey…including what it takes to get to the other side of it. Have conviction. What is the truest thing you know as it relates to the context of what you do and what you believe.

This is where most people tend to shy away because they don’t want to be judged. I’m here to tell you, that when you’re avoiding being judged, you’re not saying or doing anything.

You want people to judge you because if they don’t know what you stand for, they can’t make the decision whether they want to stand alongside you.

3. Choose your words with the same amount of discernment that you use when you’re choosing which selfie you’re going to post.

It’s easy for people to ignore you when you fall trap to using cliches and industry jargon.

First write out what you want to email, post, record, create or whatever it is, and then go through it line by line and highlight every cliché, and every overused word.

Go through all the highlighted points and ask; what do I really want to say here? What do I mean to say? And then say it.

Tell us your truth and tell it to us by using words that are fresh, and new so that whatever you’re putting out there? Can’t be ignored.

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Susan Brooks - October 27, 2016 Reply

Interesting ideas. I am thinking the Standing Out part happens on a one-on-one basis.

And making people feel like they can identify with you, one -on-one, makes you stand out. Like our familiar news commentators , who one might feel that they ‘know’ because that person ‘comes’ into the home, night after night. Maybe the commonalities are a way of making that connection happen.

    demi - October 27, 2016 Reply

    You’re so right Susan! I love this.

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