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2 Charge What You’re Worth…I don’t think so

Last week I was in Kauai…what a magical place. Travelling from Toronto to Hawaii allowed me a lot of time to reflect on my life and my business. I also used the time to get work done and managed to sneak in two movies.

One of the questions I asked myself on that 14 hour journey was "What have I seen online that bothers me?"

This was one of the many things....
Coaches who tell entrepreneurs to charge what they’re worth.

First can we agree that your price has absolutely nothing to do with your worth?

When you pay someone for a service or a product, you're paying for the result...the value.
It has nothing to do with their personal worth as a human being.

The only question that we need to be asking ourselves when it comes to pricing is, what are the results of my service/product worth to my prospective client?

I encourage you to ask yourself...
  • What does the product/service mean to them personally?
  • How urgent their problem is?
  • What is the experience that I deliver?
  • What results does/do my product/service promise?
Another key factor is how your customers perceive your business in relation to the rest of your competition. So please don't fall for the "charge what you're worth" baloney.